663 Volunteer Gliding Squadron

Officer Commanding

Sqn Ldr Leigh O'Connor

Squadron Leader Leigh O’Connor is the Officer Commanding at 663 VGS and gained this post in 2013. Leigh originally joined the squadron as a Flight Staff Cadet in 1995 and left the squadron as a C-Category Instructor in 2002. Leigh returned to 663 VGS in mid 2010 and is now a B1* Instructor. Aside from flying with the 663 VGS, Leigh is the General Manager of Macrae & Dick Jaguar in Inverness and is a keen practitioner of Martial Arts, particularly Tang Soo Do of which he competes both Nationally and Internationally as part of the Great Britain Karate Team. 

Senior Instructors


Flt Lt Malcolm Parsons

Flight Lieutenant Malcolm Parsons RAFVR(T) is the CFI at 663 VGS. He was previously a RAF Photo Interpreter and Fire Officer, retiring from the regular Royal Air Force in 1984 and now is the Airfield Superintendent at Orkney Island Council. Since joining 663 VGS in 1994 Flt Lt Parsons has accumulated over 2000 hours of flying time on more than a dozen different types. Outwith military flying, Flt Lt Parsons holds a civilian Private Pilot’s License (PPL) and enjoys flying his Rutan Long EZ, paragliding and SCUBA diving.  



Fg Off Paul Suggett

Flying Officer Paul Suggett RAFVR(T) is the Flight Safety Officer at 663 VGS and has held this position since 2010. Since starting as a Flight Staff Cadet in 1996, Flying Officer Suggett has amassed more than 900 hours in the Grob Vigilant. When not flying at 663 VGS, Paul works for MacLean Electrical as a Sales Engineer. 


Plt Off Cameron Bunce

Civilian Gliding Instructor Bunce is a B1 Category Instructor at 663 VGS. Originally a member of 1298 (Huntly) Squadron, Pilot Officer Bunce joined 663 VGS in 2007 and has over 500 hours of flying time on various types. Additionally, in 2010, CGI Bunce won the John Cunningham Bust for flying excellence. At present, Pilot Officer Bunce is a Drilling Engineer at Shell and recently completed a Masters degree in Mechanical and Offshore Engineering at the Robert Gordon University. He is former member of The East of Scotland Universities Air Squadron.  




CGI Dave Brown

Civilian Gliding Instructor (CGI) Dave Brown is a B2 Category Instructor at 663 VGS, having been a member of the Squadron since June 2011 and is the Squadron Flight Safety Officer. CGI Brown started flying as a Flight Staff Cadet at RAFs Hemswell and Lindholme in the 1970s then enjoyed a 35 year career in the Royal Air Force, serving mainly as Aircrew on the Nimrod, retiring as a Wing Commander in 2010. Outwith military flying, CGI Brown holds a civilian license and is an active member of the  Moray Flying Club.  Other interests include skiing and playing the Ukelele but not simultaneously.


CGI Ross Borland 

Civilian Gliding Instructor Ross Borland is a B2 Category Instructor at 663 VGS. Originally a member of 1296 (Turriff) Squadron, CGI Borland joined 663 VGS in 2011 after completing his Gliding Scholarship. Out-with the VGS, Civilian Gliding Instructor Borland is an Electrician and works for CHES Ltd and his main hobby is riding his motorbike. 


CGI Frazer Christie 

Civilian Gliding Instructor Frazer Christie is a Grade 1 pilot at 663 VGS. Originally a member of 877 (Inverurie) Squadron, Officer Cadet Christie joined 663 VGS in 2010 after completing his Gliding Scholarship. Out-with the Squadron, Officer Cadet Christie is a student at the University of Aberdeen where he is studying a MA  in Geography and was also a member of The East of Scotland Universities Air Squadron.

Pilots Under Training

Flt Lt Andy Simpson

Flight Lieutenant Simpson Joined the RAFVR(T) in 2000 and was previously an Air Cadet from 1984 to 1988 with Aberdeen & North East Scotland Wing. He joined 663 VGS in February 2012 - he is now the Squadron Adjutant. Flt Lt Simpson comes from an aviation background in the form of helicopter and fixed wing operations. He enjoys civil and military flying and is also an Air Observer with Sky Watch. His day time job is working offshore in the North Sea as a Process Services Operator with a leading oil and gas services operator.



CGI Lauren Hayward

Civilian Gliding Instructor Lauren Hayward is a Pilot Under Training (U/T) at 663 VGS and has been a member of the squadron since 2009. Civilian Gliding Instructor Hayward has a strong military background; primarily from her father who is a retired Search and Rescue Master Aircrew (MACr) who used to work on 202 (D Flight) Squadron. Civilian Gliding Instructor Hayward is a manager for Torridon Education Group and has spent time in Tanzania, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Italy and France teaching.  

Ground Staff

CGI Sandy Reid

Sandy was previously OC at 663 VGS. He no longer flies but still is a member of the Squadron.

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